Cloud computing

The coming of Age

We all know and speak about cloud computing every day. Apple’s iCloud, Google Apps, OneDrive and Dropbox are a few of the well-known names that have helped elevate the status of cloud from concept to reality in our daily lives. You’ve heard about it, but aren’t sure even how to ask how it might apply in your business… You the cloud for us? Should we be moving to the cloud? Is our current use of the cloud well founded and safe?

It can’t be overstated just how important breadth and relevance of experience is in the creation of a tailored, powerful cloud design that will underpin the smooth and effective operation of your organization, and in so doing, play a powerful strategic and differentiating role in your organization’s success.


The value of Experience – Do you have the skills?

There is a broad spectrum of options to consider in IT deployment; approach to risk, platform, capital vs. operational cost, security, reliability, mobility, scalability… it’s a large undertaking to weigh out the advantages of one approach over another.

Almost any architecture or scenario, cloud, in-house or hybrid, that one could design could be countered or offset easily by another architecture or design. There simply is no absolute answer that fits every circumstance and need.

The most important factor when thinking of cloud is to retain a firm with a demonstrable track record that you can trust and upon whom you can rely to help you navigate the options and define the best possible strategy for you. That firm is Starport Managed Services.