Starport is a Canadian based managed IT services provider. It delivers best in class IT design, implementation and continuous network monitoring to mid-sized organizations throughout Canada, with the concentration being in the Greater Toronto Area. Clients come from a variety of industries including investment banking, manufacturing and commercial real estate to name a few.
Managed IT Services

Many organizations don’t have the budget, expertise or career path to hire and retain an in-house IT resource. Managed Services is like time sharing a focused and highly experienced IT team.  Our model is cost effective, scalable, highly responsive, and most importantly provides a certainty level for IT investment.  No surprises.

Cyber Services

Cyber criminals want access to your network and data; they want to shake you down for ransom. Let us review your existing defenses, identify vulnerabilities and harden your defenses and guard your perimeter. No business can afford to be undefended.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

When Disaster Strikes – We’ve got you covered. Are you prepared? Let Starport remove any doubt and uncertainty.

Cloud Services

Secure, highly redundant private cloud locations to safely store your applications, data and backups.

Working from home.. How are you Coping?

by David Poulson Co-Founder & President

While working to cope with the COVID-19 crisis, in the spirit of optimism we are also looking past it.  We’re assessing the question of where will people and companies be working, post virus. 

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Next Level Cyber Security for Your Business

Every organization is a target – for the hackers it’s their job to penetrate your defences, compromise and expose your data, and profit from your vulnerability.  They are smart and fast, and in most cases they don’t leave obvious evidence of their unwanted visit.

Starport knows what it takes to protect your data, and can identify and close your security gaps. Can you afford to let your guard down?

Assistance with Software Audits

Occasionally, vendors such as Microsoft request a software licence compliance audit – they have the right to ask, and you have the obligation to reply…we can help.

Let Starport take the lead in documenting evidence of ownership and liaising with your vendor.

Best Practices Audits

In the customer-supplier relationship, customers are increasingly asking suppliers to provide documentation of IT practices and procedures- they want to know their data is safe.  When you need to answer this call, we’ll do it for you.

Hardware & Software Fulfillment & Management

Hardware,Servers, workstations, printers, laptops tablets.. they all need to be upgraded over time. End of life equipment needs to be decommissioned, wiped clean and replaced. New equipment needs to be specified, configured and set up.  Inventory lists need to be maintained, licences monitored and warranties kept up to date.

From Networks to Notebooks… Starport offers life-cycle management for all your hardware and software needs.

Some organizations like to cycle computers and software on a continuous basis, others like to a complete upgrade all at once on a pre-set schedule.

Whatever you hardware and software needs may be, Starport has an acquisition deployment skills to suit your needs.

Hardware and software investments can be complex and tedious.. they needn’t be.
It’s all in a day’s work for Starport.