Managed Services In a Nutshell

Managed IT Services means that we take care of all the daily information technology issues that arise on your network, in the cloud, and with your individual users.

We use powerful monitoring tools to keep an eye on your network 24/7. We keep your data backed up and safe, we maintain inventory lists, warranty expiries, software versions, and we let you know when it’s time to add, replace or improve your hardware and software investment.

Our Help Desk, our best in class support tools and our rigorous processes together with our skilled technical team means you’ll receive a consistently high level of IT management, security and support that truly delivers the results you need and expect, … and deserve.

And for the finance people, our fixed fee model means no more unanticipated IT budget surprises – just predictable service at a predictable price.

New to Outsourced IT? – Here’s what to expect !

If you’ve heard of managed IT services, but wonder how you get from where you are now, to having Starport take care of you – here’s our 3 step process.

  1. First we make sure there is a compatibility between what you need and what we offer ( there usually is) – that’s Fit.
  2. Secondly, we work with you to develop and implement a plan to get you from where you are to where you need to be. – that’s Transition
  3. Finally, we take the IT reigns! We monitor, we maintain, we improve and we respond to all your IT needs – quickly and effectively. No vacations, no illness, no downtime – that’s Relief – We call it Steady State


The net result … you have more time to focus on your business, you significantly reduce your IT spend – you enjoy a higher standard of IT satisfaction than you’ve ever seen before.

Just ask any of our clients – call us, we’ll give you a name.. in fact…we’ll give you 100 plus names !!