IT Assessments

When you need to get the “big picture” of what and how you are using information technology, and how your use stack ups with peers and with industry best practices, then an IT assessment by Starport is the answer.

During an assessment, we’ll review your IT infrastructure and work stations, connect with key personnel to better understand and assess your IT environment; storage, workstations, firewalls, switches, existing backup and disaster recovery infrastructure, software versions, software patch history, IT processes, documentation and internet connectivity.

We’ll compare our findings against a model of current best practices for an organization of your type and size and make recommendations about how to proceed in a final report.

For many of our clients, an IT assessment is the first step in a long and valuable relationship. Let an assessment be your first step with Starport.

Business Expansion

While growing your business, you may find yourself in need of opening new offices or layering on new overarching IT infrastructure to connect your enterprise. Let our IT architects provide a fully costed action plan and implementation schedule to assist in this strategic expansion activity.


Staff Augmentation

Your in-house IT staff are great at systems support, user assistance and operational updates, but every organization needs a “helping hand” from time to time; to fill a missing skill set gap, or to assist with a burst of activity, such as a large rollout or upgrade.

When the need arises, we’re just a call away.

M&A IT Due Diligence

In the fast changing business world, organizations often find themselves in the position to acquire a competitor or another company. This leads to the question of what IT infrastructure, staff and support mechanisms are in place at the target organization.

An important part of making a merger or acquisition successful is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the IT infrastructure in place at each organization. Our skilled IT architects can review and inventory all related IT assets, processes, architectures and procedures.  They’ll conclude by drafting reports which highlight integration options, recommendations and implementation plans in connection with these due diligence efforts.



Businesses experiencing growth often need to bring in staff who may not know how to use the IT tools and technologies that are in place. Our professionals can design and deliver courses in the use of the IT infrastructure that are highly relevant for your company. This allows you to get up to speed quickly, and for you to direct your time and efforts to your core business.

Let us pass along our strengths.